Ilaria Capua


On the 29th of November 2019, the internationally renowned virologist, Ilaria Capua, participated in the kickoff of the new Beyond International’s Corporate Education model, the Future Trends & Inspirational Mentorship, as the inspirer of the model. She was, in fact,  involved by the CEO of Beyond International, Luisa Bagnoli, not only as an expert and specialist in a “vertical sector” but especially for the circular look that distinguishes her, capable of bringing that necessary contamination when talking about the “future of work”.

However, the specific theme addressed on the 29th of November was the one of “circular health” and the impact it has on the future of all organizations.

In her book “Salute Circolare”, Capua talks about health by observing it from a more holistic perspective than the common idea. With a look at the Greek and Roman thought and the great scientific innovators, often unaware of the revolution they would have activated, she promotes an integrated health concept for all living beings. It is an indicator of the proper functioning of the balance among the various systems existing on Earth which, in one way or another, also affect the health of the human being. Everything is part of a great system, one cannot worry only about one species, the human one, because it too is nature.

For this reason, it becomes crucial to address the issue of responsible innovation. In her book, Capua suggests taking advantage of all the opportunities available today that could allow the survival of the species: great examples are big data and artificial intelligence, which can truly revolutionize our way of understanding health. Without forgetting a theme of awareness and responsibility.