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Beyond International, exclusive partner for Italy of Double Robotics (California)

As experts say, it is expected that in Phase 3 the work will have hybrid forms: 50%  remote working and 50% in-person work in the offices. With the Robotic Presence this 50% in presence in the offices can be enhanced.

So you can make your people enter the company safely, whether it is to enter production, warehouses, factories, laboratories, offices, showrooms, stores. 

Double 3, the telepresence robot, is distributed in Italy by Beyond International, the exclusive partner of the Californian Double Robotics.


Beyond International, the exclusive partner for Italy of Double Robotics, recommends Double 3 which has been estimated as the easiest and most adaptable telepresence robot for many use cases.

Supported Driving

Supported driving: Double 3 understands its environment and diverts around obstacles to reach the destination

Click & Drive

Click & Drive: the dots on the floor indicate the destination, you only need to click!

Cameras Zoom

Cameras zoom allows to have both a panoramic and a detailed view

Remotely controlled height and inclination

You can move the cameras up and down to read documents on the desk and talk to the people at their same height

How it works

It’s an actual robot equipped with a screen, microphones, speakers and a metal body, capable of moving in space thanks to special sensors. It allows the person who commands it from a laptop or a mobile, to be able to move independently in a space, at home, in the office, in a production plant, in a shop or department store, in the hospital, at the university, in a training room.