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What is the Telepresence

The robotic telepresence is a collaborative robot (COBOT) that puts its technology at the service of the relationship with man. Telepresence allows the person who commands it from the PC or mobile phone to be able to move at home, in the office, at school, in a production plant, in a shop, in a hospital, in a university, in a training room, always in complete and total autonomy.

Beyond International is the exclusive partner for Italy of
Double Robotics (California)

Supported Driving

Supported driving: Double 3 understands its environment and diverts around obstacles to reach the destination.

Click & Drive

Click & Drive: the dots on the floor indicate the destination, you only need to click!

Cameras Zoom

Cameras zoom allows to have both a panoramic and a detailed view.

Remotely controlled height and inclination

You can move the cameras up and down to read documents on the desk and talk to the people at their same height.

The Robotic Telepresence Double 3 , of which Beyond International is the exclusive reseller in Italy, represents the new, simple and efficient way of relating remotely. Moreover, this robot also offers a unique opportunity to be present and physically close, in total safety and respecting social distancing.


For 2020, the Ministry of Economic Development, thanks to the National Plan for Business 4.0, provides for a 40% tax credit for the purchase of interconnected and rapidly programmable collaborative robots, such as Double 3.