We are all connected in a circle…

This concept, confirmed by spiritual theories and now demonstrated by quantum physics, has been experienced by even the most skeptical in this 2020 pandemic that has made us embrace the “all glocal” concept, when it was now thought that we had already returned to the local.

Yes, because theories very often go out of fashion or are no longer updated with the changes that take place.

But while “outside” everything changes exponentially in every industry, thanks to technologies and digital, people’s mindsets do not update so quickly. But we need to evolve today and quickly. The new technologies that run so fast will soon need a human being who knows himself (as Socrates would say) and who is not afraid to expose himself to transparency, which is the value that technology will spread exponentially: “Transparency is the new Currency “(Kurt).

In fact, if we think about it, we have produced innovations of all kinds in the last 50 years but the way of thinking about which job to choose, and then how to do it, how to act it, how to behave in the company, among colleagues, between collaborators and bosses, is almost unchanged.

The development of the Net Leadership concept fits into this context because it wants to contribute exactly to the question that inevitably arises today:

“How can I feel good in this changing world, and then to be satisfied, to express myself in the best way, when the tools that I have in my backpack and that they taught me seem to no longer to be valuable?”

Net Leadership is: a new paradigm of fluid and dematerialized leadership, understood as the ability to establish connections. It’s about recognizing and accepting my Unique Talent as the first paradigm, then to act it in my own space and connect with others in a network.