Its name, Net Leadership, could suggest that is the usual American theory…After all, the most popular theories are always American.

“Net” is in English, yes, because English is the universal language, the language that everyone knows, so it is reasonable to use it if you want to be understood by as many people as possible and also be nourished by their own contributions. However, Net Leadership is unquestionably a Mediterranean paradigm that was also born not to be American, but to be Mediterranean.

Who among us in Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Germany, for example, has never found themselves following models that knew that weren’t suitable for our context and our mentality? Or with a language that opens mental maps different from those that you wanted to pursue with that theory?

Let’s think about an example above all: the famous FUN.

Almost an imperative concept that sees, on the one hand, ranks of fanatics with a huge smile and, on the other hand, managers who, at the mere idea that someone can have fun at work, have a heart attack.

Why does it happen? Because if you say Fun, “Have Fun”, in people minds an ambiguous translation opens up, with a meaning between fun and “pleasure” which has a sound that I think is self-explanatory.

Meanwhile, our words of Greek and Latin derivation, have archetypes within them with the right energy.

Fun, in fact, derives from “de-di/vertere” therefore the idea of ​​turning the glass, looking beyond; it’s that action that allows you to face the problem from a level of consciousness and from a thought that is different from the one that created it: Einstein docet.

He was a hard worker as well as genius of course; but what if this was less obvious? If the genius as well as his neurons had derived from this “approach” to science and life itself?

So this is a Mediterranean leadership, creative, light and profound.

Do you want another example?

What do we say we can’t do without? Critical Thinking, right? But words matter, language matters. Have you noticed that saying “pensiero critico” in Italian seems to have a different meaning? That’s because the real way of thinking critically is only called Critical Thinking!

In addition to the philosophers that I almost don’t want to mention for the ease in doing so, Socrates above all, what can we say about our German psychologists? Have they not deeply employed critical thinking to create a beautiful new discipline halfway between art and science? Or maybe real science like physics, if we consider it as it should be be, we should question it every day with … spirit and critical thinking. Exactly.

The Net Leadership leads you from a linear approach to a spatial one, and from an only American format to a Mediterranean format, just like Americans know that they will have to do as well, “drink from the Mediterranean”.

The world is circular: now we have to give out again our bright contribution.