Robotic Presence, the agile tool for an “in-presence” remote working

June 22, 2020 – Il Giorno

Beyond International has become the exclusive partner of the Californian Double Robotics, manufacturer of Double3 which is the latest generation of telepresence robots.

The Robotic Presence is the possibility for all companies to get their people back safely in the office, guaranteeing social distancing. You can enter the body of the robot by activating it remotely and move around in your office or in a production plant, to manage all the activities that are usually done in presence such as attending a meeting, monitoring processes, giving feedback, train a new employee.

Companies are looking for hybrid forms of work that integrate remote working formulas with forms of real presence in the workplace.
“The robotic presence is the new paradigm of smart working” assures Luisa Bagnoli, founder and CEO of Beyond International. The remote working has now spread and in a few months forced us make a digital mental switch that would have lasted perhaps years under normal conditions (the middle class especially went “online”).

Now the matter is to understand how to create hybrid forms of work, cooperation, how to think of the headquarters as hubs and no longer as offices. The Robotic Presence can be the agile tool to be present in the headquarters. Double 3 is therefore more a service than a product in itself”.

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