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We offer services and products for business innovation

In a world 4.0, a world of technologies, we want the person to be at the centre: each robot must not be a replacement or a control too for humans, but it must be a means of “increasing” his happiness. Training 4.0, schools for upskilling, analysis of future trends for a future of continuous learning.

Leaders Acquisition & Market Analysis

Leaders Acquisition & Market Analysis means a way of analyzing the talent of the Leader who must enter in company to cope with changes and innovation, then creating a dedicated dossier that analyzes the market, candidate’s skills and his/her future mindset (an essential element of today).

Future Trends School

It is a model of Corporate Education

It involves inspirational moments with international speakers who have gained authority within their field and who are able to better communicate the extent of the profound transformation that is taking place in the world.


Net Leadership School

The Net Leadership theory deals with how to recognize and accept one’s unique talent as a first step, and then act it in one’s own space and network with others. It revolves around five “nuclei of information bits”: Unique Talent, Responsibility, Mentorship, Divertere and Simplicity.

AI & Robotics School

A School created to provide a general overview on the revolution that AI will bring into our lives. 

This school is intended for all those interested in acquiring a new mindset and vision to integrate their life into a world of artificial intelligence and robotics.

Robotic Presence

The Robotic Presence is a technological tool which, thanks to a robotic body, allows the driver to be present and interact anywhere in the world. It is a tool that enables people to be present in the office as if they were there (you can enter a meeting, follow a colleague in the hall, take a break with the team, give in-presence feedbacks and more). 

In addition to this, it is a true digital innovation tool that allows people to acquire the “smart working” mindset that focuses on targets achievement. It is effective because it enables people to be present in the office with 3 dimensions, real not virtual.

They say about the Robotic Presence:
“For the first or second day, it will be an absolute news. The next day, it’s like: “ah yes, that’s Andrea in the robot”.

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